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1. I love them! they fit perfectly and look amazing.  - by ctierney

2.I like Ray Ban brand and I introduce this to a friend. The quality of the shades is awesome. It comes with all the accessories just like what you would expect from Sunglasses Huts or stores like that. It's been worn for one and a half year and everything's still cool.  - By Amelia

3.This is the second pair of Raybans I've purchased through amazon and I think they are the real thing! The first pair I bought were 55's and the more I wear them the more I realize they are way too big. I ended up giving them to my husband and just purchased the 52's. I am not a petit person and the 52's fit way better! - By CE.Anthony

4.they also look and feel great! I've gotten so many compliments on them ranging from friends to parents. 52mm vs. 55mm is only a slight difference in lens size. I have a larger face, but I prefer the 52mm because they seem a little bit less gaudy and more professional? I can dress them up with slacks, button-up, and trench coat for work or down in shorts and t-shirt: they always look great!  -  By Zelin

5.Ordered my Ray-Ban Wayfarers from here, making sure that I ordered. The glasses I received seem authentic to me: they have the correct lettering on the temples, are Made in Italy, and have the "RB" laser etching on the lens. - By D. Bez

6.The RB2132 sunglasses are nice pair of sunglasses. They're sturdily built, have clear lenses, and are my favorite sunglasses. - By Smith

7.I can't believe I managed to score these at such a great price. as other reviewers say, they are definitely not fake. (there are many sources online that can help you determine that. new wayfarers have a slightly different style of hinge, look at the 360 view on the ray ban site for comparison.)  By Jane

8.I reviewed these sunglasses thoroughly, tried them at local stores, and ordered them from here. The real eye opener (pun intended) was how much better these quality, well made, albeit, expensive sunglasses really are. I quickly realized that I have spent too many years wearing cheap sunglasses. The difference in lens quality, clarity and fit is remarkable. - By Doyle

9.I bought these needing a quality set of sunglasses that were timeless and stylish. These were to my need as they fit my average face well (I ordered 55mm) and look great. The actual sunshade ability is excellent, with only a slight green intensification as a by-product. I use these from driving to hiking to sitting on the beach and they prove resistant to damage. The construction of thick plastic frames, lenses, and good hinges make it seem that they'll last many years. In all, definitely worth the higher cost for the quality and sunshade. - By Altschule

10.I have several pairs of Ray-Ban glasses, but the aviators and wayfarer I always go back to. I really like the New Wayfarer when wearing hats -- the smaller frame is great! I would definitely recommend them to someone looking for the classic look, but has not been able to pull it off due to the size -- these are perfect! They even look good on my daughter without covering her whole face. Buy them. - By Rider